It is time to trade the Egyptian stock market in a different way; with zero trading commission, monthly subscription where you will maximum pay EGP 49.99/ month no matter the volume of your monthly trades, and all online through our cutting-edge trading platforms where from the mobile application or through your web browser!

Du Trade is the newest trading innovation by Mubasher Financial Group after being on the top of the trading institutions not only in Egypt but in the MENA region. With Du Trade, you will enjoy the professionalism and experience being a subsidiary of Group while not having to pay for fortunes or cutting trading commissions from your transactions.


Not just that, with Du Trade you will save the hassle of the account manager calls and you will be able to process your trades yourself from anywhere you are since it was built to formulate digital trading solutions for our clients. All you need to do is to head to App. Store or Play Store and download Du Trade application or for better experience on a wide screen, you can access your screener from the web and start buying and selling your chosen stocks.


You will also be able to track all your actions in the Account Summary in your account where you can view the cash balance, buying power, pending amounts, unsettled sales and the unrealized profit/ loss without having to conduct multiple calls or visit our branches.


As we aim to arm you with all that you need to efficiently trade the stock market, our Global Market Summary will let you monitor price movements of key market indices, commodities and even currencies with last traded prices, changes and change percentages to be able to follow the financial market around the word. Through your Du Trade account, you will be also able to follow all the financial news provided by the most prominent news portals instantly not to miss a beat.


Through Du Trade platforms you will also have different types of Watch Lists; Full Market Watch List that includes all market stocks, Smart Watch List including the most stocks symbols your search for or trade on, Customized Watch List where you can add specific stocks symbols as well as Watch List sorting options.

With more facilities and trading solutions, Du Trade should be your first wise choice to trade the stock market zero commission!

You can subscribe in Du Trade through 3 different packages at a maximum of EGP 49.99/ month or through Du Functions Platinum, Pro or Pro+ packages.

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