While saving opportunities and investment options now present a great variety, Du Invest would be the most adequate choice because we simply compiled the best solutions out there no matter what the investment type is and merged them all together to come up with a no-brainer investment solution with the high flexibility possible guaranteeing better returns with no restrictions or penalties.


Du Invest will help you start with any capital you can start with even as little as EGP 500 where your capital will be distributed on several investment solutions based on your risk profile moving from very conservatives, conservative, moderate, aggressive and very aggressive. Based on your risk profile, your investment capital will be distributed between equity and mutual funds. If you want to save in line with Sharia Compliance, you will find your ultimate solution; “Namaa” Islamic portfolio.


You will also get the chance to design your own plan, digitally, to create one that suits you for long-term goals as marriage and retirement plans with your own terms whether to have them monthly or quarterly and get an expected return to your email with all the details.


Unlike other investment solutions in the market, you will benefit from having experienced professionals being powered by Mubasher Asset Management in addition to the flexibility you enjoy with no penalties if you wanted to exit anytime besides gaining all the profit you earned to the exit day.


Everything is online, you will not waist your time to visit our branches. All you need to do is to sign up online and we will send you our messengers to sign the contract and thats it! With 100% transparency, you will be able to monitor your portfolio from Du Invest mobile application.

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