Whether you want to learn about investment and trading or you are looking forward to invest your capital but need to test the waters first by getting yourself into the investment terms and techniques, Du Learn should be your first getaway.

Because we value the importance of financial education, we went beyond creating courses, we even created the first main and four course free of charge for anyone who is seeking to learn about the stock market and the principles of fundamental and technical analysis to help you take investment decisions based on knowledge and with the needed confidence.

Through Du Learn educational material, you will benefit from all the knowledge and expertise of trading and investment experts providing educational materials that will enlighten your brain and enrich your knowledge in addition to earning a certificate of achievement by the end of all courses after passing a final online  collective assessment.

With a very rich material prepared by industry professionals and university professors, Du Learn provides a user-friendly global platform for learners that can help them in achieving their goals in their desired working field and stock trading making a good use of online educational materials anywhere & anytime they want.


Take a look on some of Du Learn online courses:

  • Fundamentals of technical & financial analysis
  • Fundamentals & principles of investment
  • Fundamental principles of capital markets


In line with our development mission and to spread financial awareness in Egypt, we made Du Learn easy for you to access from any of Du Functions packages or from Du Functions Silver package free of charge.

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