While taking a buy or sell decision in the stock market, you need to consider first several aspects one of which is the company’s history which you are buying/ selling its’ stocks. Du Info is where you will get all you should be aware of about a company that is listed in the Egyptian stock market with all the details possible.


Through Du Info you will get the listed company’s board members business profiles, shareholding structure, and in-depth data and analytical tools for IPOs & capital increases, mutual funds, fixed income, commodities and money markets. You can also download the needed data in Excel and PDF formats to be able to create your own library for all the needed to enable an informed investment decision.


By subscribing to Du Functions Pro or Pro+ package, you will be able to enjoy Du Info tremendous features in addition to Du Learn, Du News, Du Play, Du Trade and Du Predict worth only EGP 99.99/ month.

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