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Founded in 2007

Du Egypt is a subsidiary from Mubasher Financial Group, one of Egypt’s leading financial services providers with multi-market, multi-asset class trading via award winning technology platforms and customer service.

Since the inception of Mubasher Financial Group in 2007, it has always been on the forefront of trading technology innovation with many pioneering initiatives and provides Institutions with a range of services to facilitate trading, clearing and settlement across the GCC, Middle East and most major developed Stock Markets.


Making money is not easy and needs confidence and the know-how to do it, also sounds like lots of fortune. Du is brought to everyone to make an investment for all.




Du was created to help busy and new investors to trade and invest their money online with no multiple paperwork, account manager calls, or anything that would waste your time!


Du is providing you with all the means from education to simulation, news, advice, and even automation to make investment easy to start with what you have in your wallet.

With all the resources to grow your savings put together, Du is where you will start with a strong foundation backed up by experience to make your capital prosper and flourish.

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